Whether your shop is large, small or in between, API has a coating system to meet your customers requirements at a cost that helps your shop improve profitability. When it comes to waterborne coatings technology, API has the solution to help your shop comply with future regulatory standards, while providing excellent productivity, quality and profitability.

In-House Technical Consultation

We can help you repair sprayers, spray guns, air spray, electrostatic, air assisted, airless and lubrication equipment. Over 25 years experience in the API Service Shop.

Call 541-686-9946 to speak to one of our technical consultants. API in Eugene location is open Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5PM PST.

We have in house technical consultants to help you with your equipment from:

Color mixing Services

When it comes to your company’s color requirements, API has a coating for all your needs.

Our API personnel have many years combined experience in color matching and system recommendations, whether it is for your fleet vehicles, car refinish systems or specialty coatings.

We have a wide array of quality paint systems to meet your needs in most every application. We also have the ability to custom formulate colors of your choice.